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The A To Z Of SFF

Dec 24, 2015

HOLY SMOKES! CycloMedia is getting worse, and the situation has become ever more desperate for our hapless duo. As the ship is lashed by energetic particles, the question has to be asked... could this really be the end for the Ulysses?

Rob and Clive review:

Attack Of The Crab Monsters
The Atomic Submarine

Dec 18, 2015

OH NO! Rob and Clive have piloted the Ulysses right bang slap into the middle of an ion storm! With energetic particles scrambling CycloMedia's logic circuits, the deranged AI is stuck in a recursive loop, demanding more and more input.

Can our hapless heroes snap CycloMedia out of it before the radiation fries...

Dec 11, 2015

The red-headed stepchild of the Alien franchise gets a brisk going-over from Rob and Clive. Surrealist French director meets a series that badly needed a shot in the arm. It's pretty out there.

Worryingly, they find lots to like in Alien Resurrection. Have they been out in the depths of space maybe that little bit...

Dec 4, 2015

Controversy on the Ulysses, as Rob confesses a sneaking admiration for David Fincher's bleak take on the Alien franchise. Can Clive talk him back to his senses, or does our noble astrogator have a point?

One thing's for sure: this time, it's personal.